Everything you need to know about aquaculture

What is aquaculture?

Aquaculture is a form of agricultural production, which takes place in fresh or salt water. aimed at the breeding of fish, molluscs, crustaceans and algae to meet the strong need for fish products for human nutrition which is constantly increasing all over the world and which cannot be satisfied solely by fishing. The first evidence of this method dates back to the most ancient Chinese and Egyptian dynasties who in turn handed them down to the nascent Etruscan and Roman populations. The breeding takes place in a natural marine environment in which the farmer "sows" the fish whose growth is guaranteed through the supply of natural feed suitable for the different species.

What do our fish eat?

Our fish eat well-balanced foods depending on the species, size and season. As in nature, the feed used includes fish meal and fish oil. In recent years, following studies based on sustainable nutrition, the compositions of feed also prefer soy, insects and other proteins from sustainable production.

Inside our plants, the feeding comes daily, in order to control the well-being of the fish in all phases of growth.

Sea bass and sea bream Antibiotic Free

At Gruppo Del Pesce, we have started a production of 100% Italian certified Antibiotic Free sea bass and sea bream.